Official Announcement: AirportSim Showcasing at the Future Games Show on June 11th

June 10, 2022

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MS Games – an independent developer in the premium indie segment, is going to be making the first showcase of their upcoming game: AirportSim. This will take place at the international event – Future Games Show on June 11th, 2022 organized by the world-renowned GamesRadar website. Along with the first preview of the trailer, MS Games will publish the official Steam listing and will start a marketing campaign before the game’s official premiere, scheduled for mid-next year.

We are proud and honored by the results of our work thus far which we will be presenting at the Future Games Show. Uniquely in this event, our trailer will consist of 100% in-game footage as if it was on your device – no CGI. In addition, we will also present the first licensing partners who enrich the content of the game with vehicles and objects known to frequent travelers and aviation industry workers around the globe – comments Mateusz Stabryła – Head of Production, at MS Games.

Future Games Show is one of the most paramount events in the world of video games. The previous live stream showcasing trailers of upcoming titles was watched by over 4 million people worldwide.

MS Games consists of an independent team currently working on a simulator called AirportSim, to be officially announced at the Future Games Show 2022. It will focus on day-to-day operations on an airport’s apron incorporating the expertise of the MK-STUDIOS team which develops DLCs for the Microsoft Flight Simulator series. MS Games is managed by Mateusz Stabryła – a veteran when it comes to knowledge of the aviation simulation sector, and additionally this year, the company has obtained an investment from Besim Group.

LINK to visit the FGS show.

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