MS Games and MK Studios enter partnership to produce airport simulator with working title: Airport Sim

April 7, 2022

2 min read

MS Games, an independent developer, and MK Studios, the renowned developer of add-ons and modifications for Microsoft’s Flight Simulator series and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D simulator enter into a strategic partnership. The goal of this cooperation is to produce and release a game with the working title “Airport Sim”, which is intended to be the best simulator of airport operations.

Joining the forces of MS Games and MK Studios results in leveraging the potential of the two entities. MS Games as an independent developer with two published games to its credit – Land of War and Road Builder has extensive experience in creating advanced gaming projects. MK Studios, in turn, is credited with creating dozens of official add-ons for the Microsoft Flight Simulator series and providing flight simulation software for professional training (based on Lockheed Martin Prepar3D).

“The synergy resulting from this collaboration makes the launch of the Airport Sim project perfectly exploit the potential of both entities. I personally believe that thanks to this we will be able to deliver a game of the highest quality, whose potential will be appreciated by aviation enthusiasts all over the world. I can additionally point out that thanks to MK Studios’ experience we have a great feel for this target group, and I personally hold a pilot’s license and am passionate about the subject matter,” comments Mateusz Stabryła, CEO of MS Games.

Airport Sim is the working title of a yet undisclosed premium indie segment simulator project. Its main focus is to realistically simulate ground handling operations all around the planes. The game will be officially announced around the middle of this year. The project is funded by the private investment group Besim Group.

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