AirportSim Roadmap has landed!

November 23, 2023

2 min read

It's Thursday, so you might be expecting patch notes... but no, today we have something different for you! But rest assured, it's just as significant as the highly awaited weekly Patch Notes. Today, you will gain insight into our plans for the next few months, including the kinds of additions you can expect from us. Now, you might already have an inkling about what we're referring to. That’s right, you guessed it – it's time for the AirportSim Roadmap!

Our arrivals board highlights all the plans we have for AirportSim in the coming months.  It's arranged from top to bottom, so you can expect to see the milestones landing in that order.

As the holidays are approaching, the first thing you can look for is in-game visuals, and right after that... a free Airport DLC is on its way. What do you think? What airport is it going to be?

One of the most awaited and frequently requested milestones, the Xbox Release, is scheduled for Q1 2024. We are aware that many people have been asking about this. Rest assured, it's definitely on its way, and we will count down to the exact date together!

Additionally, we will celebrate special events from all over the world in-game together.

We also study your feedback and suggestions every day, and next Thursday's Patch Notes - 11/30/2023 will bring a kind of big and awaited improvement.

In December, you can expect Patch Notes: on 12/14/2023 , with Live streams planned for 12/06/2023 and 12/2/2023.

So... New airports, vehicles, aircraft, and the Xbox release are on the way. We hope you're as excited as we are. We know everyone is eager to learn all the details about the upcoming milestones. But if we were to reveal everything right now, it wouldn’t be fun anymore. And don’t worry - we will discuss and enjoy the upcoming DLCs together as we get closer to their release dates!

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