AirportSim Demo Now Available

February 7, 2023

3 min read

We are thrilled to announce that the Pre-Alpha Demo of AirportSim is now ready for download! Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity as the demo will only be available for a limited time. Take action now and secure your copy. Additionally, make sure to join our Discord server to share your thoughts and experiences with the demo. See you on the apron!

Let's get straight to the important details...

In the demo, you will have the chance to explore key mechanics of the game through two available tutorials. One tutorial focuses on the use of tablets and the valuable information they provide.

Key Features of the Demo:

  1. Securing the aircraft with chocks and cones: As one of the initial tasks upon a plane's arrival at the stand, you'll be responsible for securing it with chocks to prevent unwanted movement in the event of hydraulic brake failure. Additionally, placing cones in designated areas will assist vehicle operators in maneuvering safely around the aircraft.
  2. Providing power to the aircraft with the GPU: Throughout the turnaround process, your duty will involve supplying power to the aircraft and informing the flight deck when the APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) can be activated before departure.
  3. Connecting passenger stairs: Ensuring the safe disembarkation of passengers, you will be in charge of connecting the passenger stairs to the aircraft. Let's avoid any risky jumps from 2.5 meters onto the apron!
  4. Baggage handling: Get ready for some serious work! Drive the luggage loader, connect the luggage carts, unload bags from the aircraft, and transport them to the baggage sorting area. Repeat this process when the plane is ready for departure. Remember, handle those bags with care!
  5. Weather, date, and time control: Experience our meticulously crafted in-house weather system. Manipulate the weather conditions, date, and time to witness the unique variations at Vagar during different seasons.

We eagerly await your valuable feedback! Have a fantastic time exploring the demo and immersing yourself in the world of AirportSim.

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